Hey Gorgeous, I'm Karen, thanks for stopping by.

I am the founder of Frankie's Hair Toppers and Wigs. My superhero powers are Hair Restorer and ED Nurse.

I started Frankie's after struggling myself for over 30 years with female pattern hair loss. Like many of us who find ourselves afflicted with hair loss, I relied on hats, scarves, and volumizing agents such as shampoo, conditioners, vitamins, laser therapy (to name a few) to try and overcome this.

In desperation, I even tried out crown extensions only to find myself struggling to find the right one. Not only were the premium extensions just not quite right, their exuberant prices meant that the prices also damaged my bank account.

After taking stock, I realised that so many other women were in the same position as I was and running out of feasible options. I knew that I was not the only one wanting attainable and high-quality 100% remy hair toppers and wigs.

I instantly knew what my mission was, and that was to source a natural and personalised solution for all women, regardless of whether they experience any form of hair loss or just wanted to add sustainable volume to their locks.

The great thing about hair toppers is that they have become a fashion statement! You ask who wears hair toppers - anyone...even Hollywood superstars! They are super easy to style and we customise them to suit you as an individual. No longer do you have to buy off the shelf and know someone else has the exact same topper or wig as you do.

We value honesty & transparency.

We use the highest quality hair, ethically sourced, whilst working along-side our suppliers to ensure stringent compliance requirements are met. All Frankie hair toppers and wigs look and feel entirely natural. Our premium 100% remy human hair is one of the softest and longest-lasting hair types available.

The hair lays in one overlapping direction with the open-end toward the tip of the hair. The cuticle of the hair remains intact, whilst reflecting the natural shininess of the hair minimising matting and tangling, whilst looking completely natural in all lights.

Frankie hair toppers and wigs are available in both virgin colours, or pre-coloured in a vast range of shades. With so many gorgeous colours on offer, you'll be hard pressed to decide which one to pick! We can also customise one to suit your own colour and length for a seamless fit.

our core values

Our core beliefs are to empower women and to see each woman that comes to us as an individual and help them achieve their hair goals.

We've helped so many Hair Sistas' worldwide and would love to help you too!